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Between January, l988 and April, 2012 Heart's Place Services ran Heart's Place Shelter, a warm and compassionate overnight emergency shelter that provided counseling, meals and fellowship. As a haven for homeless men, women, and children, Hearts Place was the only shelter in Baltimore that welcomed a 2 person couple family, regardless of gender and marital status.  The shelter closed after its 25th season in April, 2012 due to loss of government interest in funding emergency shelters. 

Heart's Place Services,Inc.now

is continuing its MISSION of working with the homeless by joining an ongoing partnership with several groups that provides

Weekend Backpacks of Food for Homeless Children

The program provides homeless Baltimore City School
students (and 2 family members) with non-perishable food ( needing neither refrigeration nor cooking)
for two days ( Saturday and Sunday).........…..

These are the kids who have little to no food resources over the weekend and often eat very little over the time away from school. Weekend resources for food are very few and far between. These kids come back to school Monday morning hungry. We know consistent nutrition is needed for brain growth and for learning.
 Each backpack costs $20 ( Maryland Food Bank purchases some of the food and delivers it to the schools who pack and distribute the food every Friday afternoon).  Starting in December, 2013, over 56 backpacks were given to hungry kids. 
Heart's Place Services purchases those items the Maryland Food Bank cannot supply.  Partners Christian and Pamela Wilson deliver that supplementary food and toothbrushes and toothpaste to the participating schools.  ( Baltimore City has over 2700 registered homeless students; the long range goal is to give backpacks to each child.) The Wilsons have been very valuable in helping, along with other partners, to monitor the school programs so that there is a good accountability and children's needs are being met.

A little bit of history behind the backpack program
 In 2011, at the suggestion of community volunteers, Christian and Pamela Wilson, St. John's of Baltimore City United Methodist Church started a small 5 backpack program, partnering with the Wilsons and Sts. Philips and James RC Church. When Heart's Place Shelter closed, Heart's Place Services joined the partnership. In late 2013, the Maryland Food Bank became another partner by delivering food to 4 schools through its School Food Pantry Program. From those 5 packs in 2011, to 56 packs in December, 2013, to the proposed 100 packs  for the 2017-2018 academic year, the program has grown. Other organizations have adopted specific schools, so the program really is going to over 200 families !

We look forward to your partnering with us via your financial  donations
and donations of toothbrushes and large tubes of toothpaste. Once a month
we add 3 toothbrushes and a large tube of toothpaste to each backpack. Toothbrush and toothpaste collections are great for youth
 groups and for church mission groups. Call us ( 410-889-6277) or e-mail us (hearts place@earthlink.net) and we can arrange to pick up your collected toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Heart's Place Services, Inc. is just one of several partners in the program and we look forward to adding YOU as a partner, too !!!!!!!


DONATE TO HEART'S PLACE SERVICES  in the name of your honoree, and WE WILL SEND A SPECIAL CARD TO THAT PERSON.  Just provide a name , address,  and occasion and we will take care of the rest! WHAT A WONDERFUL WAY TO HONOR THAT PERSON !!!!!  

We thank you in advance for your support of our  
 NEW PROGRAM.  Still helping the homeless, but just in a different venue.

Heart's Place Services, Inc
is a 501(c)(3) public charity. All donations are tax
deductible under the law. Our FEIN is 27-4352352.

-Contact us: 410-889-6277     heartsplace@earthlink.net
more information available at: www.feedinghomelesschildren.org. 

Donations may be mailed to:
Heart's Place Services, Inc.
2640 St. Paul Street
9 East 27th Street 
Baltimore, MD 21218
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